The Pictorial History of the African American Athlete is the most comprehensive and authoritative work ever assembled on African American athletes. It makes abundantly clear how sports and athletic achievement have allowed African Americans to improve their economic, political, and social status. This has had positive influences on American society and the world community. It also puts a physical image with the outstanding athletic achievements. The vastness of this project is the reason for needing joint venture partners and investors. The project needs maximum distribution and exploitation because it has many diversified audiences regarding age, race, gender, institutional, and geographic. Through the Internet, the television documentary, and book publication we can reach all of these audiences.


Alpha Zenith Media Corporation, (AZMC), seeks investors to publish The Pictorial History of the African American Athlete by Francis C. Harris and Charles F. Harris, Jr. This work is a multimedia project consisting of book publishing, production of a television documentary, and the creation of an Internet site. The work is copyrighted in the names of the authors and all the rights are controlled by AZMC. Charles F. Harris, Sr. is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Alpha Zenith Media Corporation and is  sole owner of this corporation. The authors are his sons.

The work presently exists on a computer disk and with some minor additions and editorial changes it can be ready for the printer. In hardcover format the work consists of four volumes, 680 pages and 2500 photos each. There are two volumes on collegiate sports and two volumes on professional sports. Almost every major college and university in this country is in this work, which begins in the 19th Century and comes up to the present. We intend to create 30 paperback editions from this same content.