Jackie Robinson

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Brooklyn Dodgers’ scout Clyde Sukeforth initially contacted Jackie Robinson about playing for the Brooklyn Brown Dodgers, a team consisting of Negro League players that Branch Rickey was thinking about forming. At their first meeting in August of 1945, Clyde Sukeforth and Branch Rickey told Jackie Robinson that he was being considered for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Clyde Sukeforth recalled the conversation between the two gentlemen. “Mr. Rickey said, ‘Jack, I’ve been looking for a great colored ballplayer, but I need more than a great player, I need a man who will accept insults, take abuse, in a word, carry the flag for his race,’ recalled Clyde Sukeforth. ‘I want a man who has courage not to fight back. If a guy slides into you at second base and calls you a black S.O.B., I wouldn’t blame you if you came up swinging. You’d be right. You’d be justified. But you’d set the cause back twenty years.’” 2 Jackie Robinson promised Branch Rickey that he would keep his mouth shut and suffer the racial abuse and tactics designed to upset him by opposing teams for the first two seasons that he would play for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

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